To make sure you get the right piece for you, we like to custom dye your order. When placing a custom order on our website, there are a few things we need to know:





small | medium | large | xl | 2xl | 3xl

We have a range of sizes to choose from. If you need help choosing which size to go for depending on what fit you'd like (baggy or fitted), give us a message so we can work out the best size for you.


If a size isn't available on the options, we may have ran out of stock, but always give us a message to see what we can do.

- Message for kids sizes.


Colour on White is our most popular option. With this, we can literally do any colour of your choice. We mix our colours using the best quality dye to create the exact colour of your choice. 

When  choosing your colour, be really clear.

e.g. "pink & blue" or "lilac", or even send a picture of the colour you're looking for.

Acid on Black is another favourite colour of ours. T-shirts and thinner materials come up a fiery orange, and our thicker materials like hoodies and sweaters come up a lighter orange/beige.

Why not add a pair of ACID SOCKS to match?


Pattern is the type of dye pattern you'd like. Here are the patterns we do...



diagonal stripes


multiple spiral